2d и 3D

Animated videos drawn and animated by computer programs. Today, an animated video is the most effective tool in sales, for advertising, product presentations and brand promotion in the media and on the Internet.. According to statistical studies, animated videos even outperform the more expensive analogs of media products in the results and pay back much faster.

Why it is worth ordering an animation clip, but not its analogs?

  • The abstract picture does not focus the attention of the audience on the details, and makes it possible to focus on the main goal – on the product itself;
  • Fictional characters and cartoon world from childhood attracts our attention, causes sincere interest and has to itself;
  • A good script will help a potential client see the video to the end;  
  • Audio-visual presentation of information that forms a positive image of the company and causes sincere trust;  
  • Visual images fill the product with meaning and reveal its intended purpose.